In Short Words
What's this about?
Often i wonder:
Why aren't people able to explain complicated things in short, simple words? That's why i started to write ISW.

  1. No introduction
  2. Lots of pictures
  3. precise, short sentences, which demonstrate the real sence of complicated algorithms, formulas and stuff like that
  4. Be short and precise, even, if the statement is not 100 percent correct every time (unimportant special cases and mathematical formularizations are dropped)

ISW products
Part 1: JPEG (ever wondered how JPEG works?)

Part 2: 3d-engine (ever wondered how a 3d-engine works?)

Part 3: Texture Mapping (ever wondered how texture Mapping works?)

Part 4: (comming soon) putting it all together to a 3d-ego shooter.

Fabian Werner, 2006
jak (at) cccmz (dot) de