TypeX is a game i developed in 1998 (i think). If you know the old game called "RType", then you know TypeX also, because it is a kind of "remake" of RType which was a game for the Nintendo Gameboy.

You play a little spaceship, fighting its way through a "landscape" in space full of enemies and powerups. (ok, in fact there are only 5 types of enemies and there is only one powerup which gives you "triple fire")

Unfortunately, i lost the source code, so the only thing i can do is to post the Win32 binaries and say: Have Phun :)


If you are interested in games :), i would recommend to take a look at Startrek -- Defiant, a game written by me during 2001 to 2002. There are some screenshots and there is a kind of Documentation which was published as a skilled work. Don't expct too much, i wrote it when i was in school, so it is not very academic and there are some mistakes...

Win 32 binaries

Fabian Werner, 2005
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