Startrek -- Defiant is a game, written by me during 2001 to 2003. It is a strategy game. You play the so-called "United Confederation Of Interstellar Planets". You can conquer and civilize planets of all classes, build docks, new spaceships and planetary research stations.
The game has only one level, and i "overdeveloped" it. Apart from this, the source code is really... really, really, really bad. It was my first try of writing a strategy game and i never thought, that it will be a "real" game. You have to imagine: one day i asked myself how to design a cool game, so it came up to me, that one can take a ship and rotate it. So i displayed a ship. One day it was able to react to a command given by a mouse click... and so on.

It was an endless story and the code got so bad, that i lost all motivation to extend the program.
Note that the entire game is written in Blitzplus which can be downloaded here. (At least a demo version)

In spite of all that, i "used" the program as a skilled work in my 12th year in school (shortly before i made my a-level). I also had to write a documentation which i will not detain. It is 100 pages long and it contains some mistakes. Unfortinately, it is written in plain german. Those of you who want to read it, can download from the Downloads section.

Now, before going on to the screenshots, i have you to show the title picture of the game and the skilled work:

Here you can see some commented screenshots:

A little scene from the intro.

The - glorious - startup screen.

A scene taken from the game.

One of the build menus (planet view).

Another scene taken ingame, but this time in battle :)

Here you can see some more action and a wormhole.

Win 32 binaries [zip] [de]

Sources (BlitzPlus Source) [zip]

Documentation / Explanation of the source [pdf] [de]

Fabian Werner, 2005
fw (at) happy-werner (dot) de