Story of my life
I used to be very shy and chicken-hearted in my young days. I was very afraid of getting water in my eyes when taking a shower for example, so here you can see me practice :)

But later on, i got more self-confident.

Maybe a little too self-confident?

I was very interested in technical toys. On this picture i am very happy, because me and my brother (that guy on the left) just realized, that we had enough money to buy a gameboy...

As i grew up, those gameboys also started to grow (only a little). So here you can see me holding my newest "gameboy", my lovely IBM x40.
Did i say, that i love it? I DO!!

I always had a feeling for fashion and styling :) (look at my trashy hairs)

Another one from the series "Me and fashion". I always wear white socks and sandals, just because i - sadly - am unable to see whats wrong with that... (This photo was taken on the academical "party" after i did my a-level one year ago. [Update: two years ago :)]

Im so c00l and photogenic :) (Thats Torsten, a friend of mine, on the left)

Me at the glorious mrmcd, an event organized by the Chaos Computer Club Mainz [yes, the city Mr. Bush visited lately], of which i am a member.

I recently moved to Darmstadt. Thats my mother and i, sitting in my new domicile after "setting it up".