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Almost every vector valued modular form is an oldform, arXiv:1401.6214 [math.NT], 2014
Practical Algebraic Cryptanalysis for Dragon-based Cryptosystems, LNCS 6467. Presented at CANS 2010
Algebraic Attack on the MQQ Public Key Cryptosystem, LNCS 5888. Presented at CANS09
Algebraic Attack on HFE revisited, LNCS 5222, pages 215-227 -- presented at ISC 2008, Talk [en]

Masters Thesis in Mathematics [en], title: Discriminant forms and Hecke operators
Bachelor Thesis in Mathematics [en] -- On modular forms, title: Rings of modular forms
Bachelor Thesis in Computer Science [en] -- On Multivariate public key cryptography, Gröbner Bases, HFE. Title: HFE - solved or saved?

Other activities
Art 103 from Gauss Disquisitiones Arithmeticae (english translation) states that an odd x mod 2^n (n > 2) is a square if and only if x is congruent to +1 modulo 8
A proof for the oddity formula. Here we prove the so-called oddity formula relating different p-excesses of matrices/lattices. p-excesses have been introduced by Conway.
SL2(Z) = <s,u | s^4=id, u^3=s^2 >. We show that SL2(Z) is the free group generated by s,u (where s=S, u=TS) modulo the relations s^4=id, u^3=s^2.
The Weil representation is a representation. We prove the well-definedness of the Weil representation on the group ring of a discriminant form.
Jordanizing Discriminant Forms. We prove that every discriminant form possesses a Jordan splitting.
Seminar: Spektraltheorie stark stetiger Halbgruppen [german]

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